Mid Cheshire Twins

Mid Cheshire Twins is a group for twins and multiples, their siblings and parents. It is run by the parents of twins and has been supporting families in Northwich and surrounding areas for over 20 years. We have recently moved to a brand new venue and welcome new families to join us.

More Than Just a Playgroup!

Our playgroup isn't just for the kids, its also a chance for parents and carers of twins and multiples to meet other people going through the same unique experience, offload, share ideas and tips, and if you're lucky have a cup of tea whilst someone holds one of the babies for 5 minutes!

Pregnant with Twins or More?

Bumps very welcome! We are a great source of advice on practical issues such as buggies, feeding, or sleeping arrangements. Get hints and tips on what equipment to buy and what not to waste your money on! Many of our members joined the group whilst pregnant for tips on how to prepare for life with multiple babies.

Raising twins is exhausting and rewarding in equal measure and its great to have a space you can go to where other people share that experience and understand some of the pleasures and challenges that having two or more babies and toddlers to look after brings. As a parent of new born twins you may feel very overwhelmed so it is especially helpful to meet people who have come out the other side and got through the baby years in one piece!


When & Where

Friday 9.30 - 11.30am
The Lighthouse
St Mary's Church
Church Lane
Northwich CW8 3NJ